Vietnam coursework answers

DAAD Scholarships for Vietnames at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, 2017
Scholarship Provider:  The DAAD
Eligible Students:  Be a bonafide national of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar or Vietnam.
Applicants should be not more than 28 years of age when applying.
Course: Pursue Master’s degree
Award Details: Each scholarship award covers tuition and other academic fees, and living allowances for a 22-month program. The scholarship’s value is EURO (~THB 937,800) per scholarship holder, divided in EURO (nearly THB 480,400) for the first year of studies (12 months); renewable for the second year depending on satisfactory academic performance at EURO (nearly THB 457,400) for the second and last year (10 months).
Application Deadline:  March 31, 2017

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Vietnam coursework answers

vietnam coursework answers


vietnam coursework answersvietnam coursework answersvietnam coursework answersvietnam coursework answers