Various types of essays

He drives a car in a very high speed .                       (modifies verb: drive)
The racer was running very fast .                               (modifies verb: run)
She always speaks in a respectful way .                 (modifies verb: speak)
They walked along the wall.                                         (modifies verb: walk)
She welcomed the guests in a nice way .                (modifies verb: welcome)
He stayed at college for a few hours .                     (modifies verb: stay)
The kid sat beside her mother .                                   (modifies verb: sit)                         

The purity of the recipient is another factor which helps determine the kammic fruitfulness of a gift. The worthier the receiver, the greater the benefits that will come to the donor; hence it is good to give to the holiest people available. The Buddha teaches that the worthiest recipients of gifts are the ariyas, the noble ones, such as the Buddha himself and those of his disciples who have reached supramundane paths and fruits; for it is their purity of mind, attained by wisdom, that makes the act of giving capable of yielding abundant benefits. Therefore, to earn the maximum merit, we should give as much as we can, and as often as possible, to the noble ones. Gifts to a bhikkhu who strives for the state of a noble one, or to a Buddhist meditator who lives by the Five Precepts, will also yield bountiful results.

Various types of essays

various types of essays


various types of essaysvarious types of essaysvarious types of essaysvarious types of essays