Trip to europe essays

On substance, Trump has always said he wants to get along with Putin. That’s reasonable, and actually easy. You just do what Putin wants. So the questions are: What might Putin offers as part of a “deal,” what might he ask for in exchange, and would Trump find that tempting enough to do anything. The obvious card Putin could play would be to offer something on the Islamic State and Syria. But what would he demand in return? Lifting Ukraine-related sanctions? Pulling troops out of the Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? And would Trump take the bait? Neither leader has an incentive to make a major concession right now, so instead of a diplomatic breakthrough, expect an announcement for follow-up talks by specially designated presidential envoys.

1. When you use an ATM don’t panic if your card is rejected at first. Find another and repeat the transaction.
2. Withdraw larger amounts €200 for example. European banks charge per transaction so you might be charged €3 for a €20 withdrawal in Italy. Most banks charge 30 to 50 cent.
3. Buy maps, Google maps are great, however to really get a feeling for the lay of the land there is nothing like hard copy map.
4. Invest in walking shoes or sandals, European cities are best visited on foot. Rome, Paris, Athens, Istanbul, Budapest, Munich, London, Dublin, Zurich ……..have well developed footpaths, parks, river walks. There is nothing like an evening stroll through a city park after dinner. The little treasures I have find on foot are some of my most endearing .
5. Speak to the locals!

Trip to europe essays

trip to europe essays


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