Thesis watergate scandal

After months of tedious investigation, Ortel has concluded the foundation has filed financial and tax forms that were materially misleading, incomplete and in error with the goal of enriching the Clintons and their close associates. Ortel alleges Hillary advanced an “inurement” scheme – enriching oneself through a nonprofit organization – in complicity with her husband by positioning various key associates within the Clinton Foundation structure while she served as . senator from New York and subsequently as secretary of state under President Obama.

The debate surrounding Ellsberg's leaking of the Pentagon Papers has recently regained international attention as historical context for the debate over the decision of Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, to leak hundreds of thousands of secret diplomatic cables from . embassies around the world. Ellsberg is an active and outspoken supporter of Assange's efforts. Ellsberg also remains fiercely proud of his decision to leak the Pentagon Papers, which he says not only deligitimized the Vietnam War, but also helped usher in a new era of skepticism about war and government in general.

Thesis watergate scandal

thesis watergate scandal


thesis watergate scandalthesis watergate scandalthesis watergate scandalthesis watergate scandal