Theme of madness in hamlet essay

We've learned about different forms of madness in Dracula . One is the struggle of some characters to avoid succumbing to panic when threatened by the Count. Another is the case of Renfield, whom Dr. Seward clinically diagnoses with religious and homicidal mania (extreme mood swings combined with a short but project-oriented attention span). A third is Dracula's failure to fully mature as a member of the modern civilized world, leading Van Helsing to analyze him as having a ''child-brain'' and some scholars to see him as a ''primitive'' villain. Finally, we've learned that each of these contexts provides a different and important perspective on insanity in Stoker's novel.

Some might argue that Hamlet's madness was real or not, but in truth, it was a truly disastrous time in Hamlet's life. His father had passed away and his uncle had just married his widowed mother. This was then followed by the appearance of the ghost of his dead father with instructions for revenge, and then as if that were not enough, Ophelia's father had made it impossible for Hamlet to see her. It is no wonder that Hamlet had episodes of madness throughout the play and appeared to lose touch with reality a number of times. In all reality, Hamlet never fully lost touch with reality and as such did eventually stop exhibiting his insanity after his argument with Laertes in the graveyard. Even in considering the revenge that was plotted against Claudius required some sort of reality hold in order to plan something effectively for it to really work. Once Hamlet saw his ghost of a father, his sole purpose in life was to uncover the truth about the matter and avenge his father should it be deemed necessary. From that perspective, madness seemed to be the perfect vessel to manipulate the way that the people worked around him. In fact, madness allowed him to confuse Polonius into believing that Ophelia was the root of his madness so much in fact that Polonius went to the king and queen who also seem inclined to believe that Ophelia could in fact be the cause of Hamlet's madness. For Hamlet to carry this on effectively, he would have had to retain some sort of connection to reality in order to manipulate those that would otherwise doubt whether or not he actually knew what he was talking about. Hamlet was a brilliant man indeed!

Theme of madness in hamlet essay

theme of madness in hamlet essay


theme of madness in hamlet essaytheme of madness in hamlet essaytheme of madness in hamlet essaytheme of madness in hamlet essay