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British government programmes, chiefly Prevent , continue to play a counterproductive role by stigmatising an entire portion of the society and undermining the very values of freedom of expression that our politicians flaunt. These policies treat any Muslim’s political views that happens to be counter to the government narrative as potentially “radical”. Citizens, Muslims or not, should be able to criticise government policies without being perceived as suspicious. We must also be allowed to address the root causes of terrorism, for example by pointing out flaws in our foreign policy.

In 2006 Ramadan appealed the DHS decision to ban him from the United States. The State Department  denied  his appeal, this time on the grounds that he had given money to a French pseudo-charity with ties to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas .

Following his initial expulsion from the ., Ramadan quickly found work as a professor and lecturer at a number of schools throughout Europe. In October 2005 he began teaching at St. Antony’s College at the University of Oxford on a Visiting Fellowship, and he was a senior research fellow at the Lokahi Foundation in London. In November 2007, he was appointed to the Sultan of Oman chair of Islamology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and he is also a guest professor of Identity and Citizenship at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Vis a vis Israel, Ramadan candidly favors the complete eradication of the Jewish state. According to one French investigative agent, Ramadan’s ambition is “to bring about the legal extinction of the state of Israel through a major Muslim lobbying campaign, first in Europe, then in the United States.”

In February 2008 Ramadan led a boycott of the annual Turin [Italy] Book Fair -- to punish its organizers for having designated Israel (which was celebrating the 60th anniversary of its creation) as the event's “guest of honor.”  According to Ramadan , it is “neither normal nor decent to commemorate Israel when Israeli state and government policies in the devastated occupied territories are clear for all to see.” In protest  of the book fair, Ramadan helped organize a counter-event of Muslim writers, intellectuals, and activists at the University of Turin, titled “Western Democracies and Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine.”

In Ramadan's view , women should be forbidden to play in sports where their uncovered limbs would be seen by men. When asked whether he would condemn his own brother's statement that stoning a woman for adultery was an acceptable punishment as prescribed by Islamic law, Ramadan said only that he would ask for a moratorium on stoning.

Ramadan has written more than 700 articles and some twenty books, including: To Be a European Muslim (2003); Western Muslims and the Future of Islam (2005); In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons from the Life of Muhammad (2007); and Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation (2008). In addition, he has recorded at least 170 lectures, many of which have become popular among Muslim youths in Europe and elsewhere. His speeches attract many young Muslims from France’s poorer neighborhoods, and audiotapes of those talks sell by the thousands.

Ramadan serves as an adviser  on religious issues for the European Union . He is also a host/presenter for Press TV, the English-language channel run by the Iranian government; another noteworthy host/presenter is George Galloway .

In January 2010, the . State Department announced that as a result of an order signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , it would no longer bar Ramadan from entering the United States. According to The New York Times , this move paved the way for Ramadan "to apply for a new visa free of the authorities’ former accusation that he had contributed money to a charity connected to terrorism."

On April 8, 2010, Ramadan made his first public appearance in the . since 2004. The venue was Cooper Union in New York City, where Ramadan participated in a panel discussion titled “Secularism, Islam and Democracy: Muslims in Europe and the West.” The event was presented by the American Association of University Professors , the American Civil Liberties Union , and PEN American Center and Slate.

Brother Hassan, I won’t answer your question because you asked for an answer from one of the shuyukh and hopefully one of them answers you, but Ahlul-Hadith are not literalists in that sense, but they stick to the texts and derive their beliefs and rulings from the texts such as the Quran and sunnah and stick to what is mentioned there, where as Ahlul-Rai do not stick to the texts specifically, and use their opinions, views, and a lot of philosophy to arrive at conclusions rather than stick to the texts and what they say. Most of the great scholars of the past were from Ahlul-Hadith.

Tariq ramadan dissertation nietzsche

tariq ramadan dissertation nietzsche


tariq ramadan dissertation nietzschetariq ramadan dissertation nietzschetariq ramadan dissertation nietzschetariq ramadan dissertation nietzsche