Sample literary research paper

And, look, let me also say this. It’s brilliant that you’re writing, that you enjoy it, and that you had the guts and drive to write a full length 95,000 word novel. But I’ve never heard of a fourteen year old getting commercially published, simply because children your age don’t yet have the maturity and learning to get this incredibly hard job right. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t send your work to agents – you blooming well should! – but don’t be too upset if you get rejected. The fact is, you probably will get published one day . . it’s just that that day may be a little way off yet. Very best of luck! Harry

Thanks for your comment and apologies for not replying sooner. You should interview as many people as you possibly can within your time and budget constraints. You should then try to ensure that the structure of your sample reflects that of the population . if your population is split 50/50 on gender then so should your sample. I would be comfortable with a sample size of 100 in this instance which would give me flexibility to meaningfully structure a sample around key sub-groups. You may find this blog on deciding on sample size useful – http:///how-many-people-should-i-interview-considerations-when-deciding-on-sample-size/

Sample literary research paper

sample literary research paper


sample literary research papersample literary research papersample literary research papersample literary research paper