Private school application essay


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Private schools do not have to accept children with special needs, and many choose not to (although there are a small number of private schools designed for special-needs children). As a result, most private schools do not have special education programs or teachers trained to work with that student population. Some private schools will try to help all the students they admit, but extra resources may come at an additional cost. Other private schools practice something called “counseling out” — recommending that children with learning disabilities look elsewhere for a school.

Religious private and public schools in America are different in many ways, yet they share a fair amount of similarities. When comparing the two there are major factors that must be considered; academic reputation, religious views, location, costs, and school size. These attributes of a school make it difficult to be in favor of one school over the other. Perhaps the most significant factor in determining which school has the upper hand is looking not at the school’s system, but at what the student is looking to obtain throughout their schooling experience. Because of this there will never be a clear answer to which education system produces a better student. Some people’s perspectives will point at a free, less disciplined, larger public school. Others may favor a costly, religious based, smaller private school. No matter what happens to the views of the American people on education, the school system may always be a school divided.

Private school application essay

private school application essay


private school application essayprivate school application essayprivate school application essayprivate school application essay