Make a good college admission essay

The students also identified some elements that are often outside of the instructor’s control, like the learning space. Depending on where and what we teach, our classroom choices are often limited. Students shared their own “ classrooms of shame ” like teaching in a computer lab where the students couldn’t use the computers, or a humanities class in a chemistry lab. But, as I told my students, it is up to us to try and mitigate the space issue. Another example of the personal coming together with the practical elements.

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Lively and interesting adults who passionately believe in this wider view of a good school are likely to be inspiring presences in the classroom. There is ample space within a good school for scholarly teaching in parallel with all pupils believing in the pursuit of academic excellence, but surely it is the overall cultivation of mind, body and spirit that counts for most when we are still young? Particularly so, since the discipline of managing those other recreational and developmental pursuits alongside academic studies brings the ability to cope with the pressures that university and a career will ultimately impose.

Make a good college admission essay

make a good college admission essay


make a good college admission essaymake a good college admission essaymake a good college admission essaymake a good college admission essay