Journal review articles

In order to support the mission of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, we will issue a monthly “call for papers” on various topics that have a special request or interest by our readership. These papers will be reviewed and be published in a block when the peer review process is completed.  When submitting these papers on Editorial Manager  please note that your submission is in response to a specific special call as noted below. Return to the JSCR home page regularly to read new calls for papers that might be of special interest to you. While the journal will continue to accept submissions on all topics related to the JSCR ’s mission, these calls are used to stimulate scientists who have data on these special topics of interest to the NSCA membership and help to motivate them to work up the data and get it published along with other investigators interested in the same topic. 

Other Submission Notes: The JSCR is also interested in publishing symposia that have been presented and is of interest and related to the mission of the journal, this would include a brief overview and then 3 or 4 papers of high merit presented at a scientific meeting (., the NSCA, ACSM, AAPHERD annual meetings). These papers will be reviewed for merit and the leader of the symposium should contact Dr William Kraemer @  to discuss its relevance to the journal and the NSCA membership and to formulate a submission process and timeline.  

Journal review articles

journal review articles


journal review articlesjournal review articlesjournal review articlesjournal review articles