Illustrative essay on smoking

My cousin Danielle was only eight months old when she was put into foster care because of her parents’ arrest. In court, Danielle’s parents asked me to assume custody of her until they were released from jail. The judge ultimately agreed, and eighteen months later the State of Georgia released her to my custody. My children and I were happy to have her. We never expected what was to come. As time went by, Danielle turned into something like the Omen. She was tearing up my furniture, destroying her clothes, stealing from me, lying to her teachers, and physically harming my son. Need essay sample on "Sample Illustrative Essay" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

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Next I would like to mention is tolerance. It is a good value to have because no matter what are your personal views and attitudes you are a part of a society, and you have to learn how to cohabitate with the members of that society. Regardless of his or her status in society a person has certain duties towards the other people and one of them I think is a wiliness to help other people whenever the help is needed. For this to be done we have to learn how to understand the behavior and motives of other people even if their behavior appears as totally alien and unacceptable to you. Developing a great amount of tolerance for people you associate with is always imperative and only when you are initially tolerant to people their behavior will become more clear to you and if they need your help you will be able to help them, so eventually your tolerance will be gratified. For me both as person and a citizen of my nation loyalty value is also vitally important. In a narrow sense loyalty can be best viewed as how you treat your friends. Sometimes all of us hear stories when friends betray each other for the sake of money, power, women, etc. For me such behavior is completely unthinkable. When you betray someone who trusted you it is like betraying a part of yourself. But how can you call a person who betrayed his or her culture or nation? Such things are measured on a large scale now, but the essence is the same: the lack of loyalty.

Illustrative essay on smoking

illustrative essay on smoking


illustrative essay on smokingillustrative essay on smokingillustrative essay on smokingillustrative essay on smoking