Gcse sports studies coursework

Physical education at Clifton College is distinguished from other curricular areas by its primary focus on the body and on physical experience. It is an integral part of the educational process, without which a child’s education is incomplete. Through a diverse range of experiences providing regular, challenging physical activity, the balanced and harmonious development and general well-being of the pupil is fostered. The subject lessons develop a desire for daily physical activity and encourage constructive use of free time and participation in physical activities in adult life.

Due to some injuries in the build up to the game we watched England's most inexperienced side since 1980 take on world champions Germany at Wembley. Jordan Pickford and Ruben Loftus-Cheek excelled on their debut and wouldn’t look out of place come the World Cup next year. Pickford, in particular kept our side in contention with two vital first-half saves from Timo Werner, much to the delight of our students. Unfortunately that was as good at it got and we didn’t see any goals in an entertaining nil nil draw but at least we had the paper aeroplanes to keep us occupied! 

Gcse sports studies coursework

gcse sports studies coursework


gcse sports studies courseworkgcse sports studies courseworkgcse sports studies courseworkgcse sports studies coursework