Fleet reserve association essay contest

The current Harper's Ferry Class (LSD-49 thru LSD 52) can deliver up to two LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushion) or a larger number of conventional landing craft, plus transport some 402 Marines, as well as an additional short distance transport of 102 more. There are also two other classes currently in operation; Whidbey Island LSD-41 thru LSD-48, and Anchorage class, LSD-36 thru LSD40. The Whidbey Island class can carry up to 4 LCAC while the others can only carry two.

A typical ARG (Amphibious Ready Group) of Marines embarks an LHA or LHD-Amphibious Assault Ship, an LSD-Dock Landing Ship, and an LPH-Amphibious Transport Dock

Trolling : Lake Erie fishing has never been more efficient. Precision trolling is a very productive method of getting fish into the boat. You can participate in as much of the program as you like. You can help set the lines, select the lures, and net the fish…NOT just sit there and wait for your turn. Trolling with these Lake Erie charters is very much a team effort.
Each charter boat is equipped with the latest fish finding technology and navigational (GPS) equipment, and have all of the accommodations to make your Lake Erie charter a comfortable and memorable one.  Lake Erie is known for the best walleye fishing in the world, and we have the knowledge and expertise to make your day a fun and successful one. Because we are out on the water every day and in communication with one another, we’re familiar with where the “hotspots” are on any given day, and are able to stay on top of the fish at all times. We have over three centuries of combined fishing experience, on Lake Erie and elsewhere.

Not all those ships just sit there unused. During the Bush administration and the readiness operations leading to both wars in the hunt for terrorists and the overthrow of the dictator in Iraq, I was directly involved in pulling six ships out of mouthball from the fleet in Texas and restoring them to active duty. These ships served proudly one more time and then were put back into mouthball, making sure that all of the ships were sealed with dehumidifiers in case they were need again. Your breach on these vessels could have long lasting effects, if you as a layman, breached these systems for your story. They will now lay open to the elements so they can rot. There is a lot more to why these ships sit where they do that you left out of your story, please try to report the entire story in the future, so you don’t leave a false impression to the general public.

Fleet reserve association essay contest

fleet reserve association essay contest


fleet reserve association essay contestfleet reserve association essay contestfleet reserve association essay contestfleet reserve association essay contest