Essay on camping

"place where an army lodges temporarily," 1520s, from French camp , from Italian campo , from Latin campus "open field, level space" (also source of French champ ; see campus ), especially "open space for military exercise."

A later reborrowing of the Latin word, which had been taken up in early West Germanic as *kampo-z and appeared originally in Old English as camp "contest, battle, fight, war." This was obsolete by mid-15c. Transferred to non-military senses 1550s. Meaning "body of adherents of a doctrine or cause" is 1871. Camp-follower first attested 1810. Camp-meeting is from 1809, originally usually in reference to Methodists.

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Commonly, people love camping.  It is a staple of summer vacations.  Taking afternoon walks along forest paths, roasting hot dogs, and looking up at the starry sky from around the fire are cherished memories of any camper.  Not only must such memories be passed down, but in fact everyone should have them, even if they don’t grow up with a camping tradition.  Usually,people who are skeptical about camping turn out to love it.  There are three great benefits of camping:  meeting new people, being out in the fresh air, and spending time together as a family.

Essay on camping

essay on camping


essay on campingessay on campingessay on campingessay on camping