Conclusion anorexia nervosa essay

It is very difficult for a young girl with orthorexia to even recognize that she has a problem.  But if she does seek help, either at her own initiative or at the instigation of her parents, those she encounters may assume she has anorexia and treat her inappropriately.  For example, they may strongly encourage she consumes “foods” that restore caloric intake such as Boost or Ensure but that, for obvious reasons, will be perceived as refined, processed, chemical-rich and gross. This has a tendency to invalidate the source of the advice for a young person already inclined to distrust that advice.

Of course, over a century of medical evidence has firmly shown that the removal of the human appendix after infancy has no obvious ill effects (apart from surgical complications, Williams and Myers 1994 ). Earlier reports of an association between appendectomy and certain types of cancer were artifactual ( Andersen and Isager 1978 ; Gledovic and Radovanovic 1991 ; Mellemkjaer et al. 1998 ). In fact, congenital absence of the appendix also appears to have no discernable effect. From investigative laparoscopies for suspected appendicitis, many people have been found who completely lack an appendix from birth, apparently without any physiological detriment ( Anyanwu 1994 ; Chevre et al. 2000 ; Collins 1955 ; Hei 2003 ; Host et al. 1972 ; Iuchtman 1993 ; Kalyshev et al. 1995 ; Manoil 1957 ; Pester 1965 ; Piquet et al. 1986 ; Ponomarenko and Novikova 1978 ; Rolff et al. 1992 ; Saave 1955 ; Shperber 1983 ; Tilson and Touloukian 1972 ; Williams and Myers 1994 , p. 22).

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Conclusion anorexia nervosa essay

conclusion anorexia nervosa essay


conclusion anorexia nervosa essayconclusion anorexia nervosa essayconclusion anorexia nervosa essayconclusion anorexia nervosa essay