College responsibilities essay

1. The majority of trainees in Ontario hold a certificate of registration authorizing postgraduate education, and are commonly referred to as “residents” or “fellows” in most teaching sites. However, a trainee may have a different class of registration depending on his/her individual circumstances: 1) pre-entry assessment program certificate of registration – commonly issued to international medical graduates (IMGs) for an initial “assessment phase”; this would include completing a “pre-entry assessment program” or “assessment verification period”; 2) restricted certificate of registration – trainees who have qualified under the Residents Working Additional Hours for Pay  policy; 3) certificates of registration authorizing independent practice – trainees who have completed their residency program and qualified for full registration, but who continue to do fellowship training.

Remember, the point of a post-secondary education is to learn, not to get good grades. Grades merely reflect whether or not you have learned the material that the university has decided is relevant to your field of study. Just because you don't agree that the material is relevant is not an excuse to be impolite or not bother. Not all areas of study are exciting and fascinating all the time. Sometimes learning the basics is dull. That's the price you pay for being an educated person. It is not the prof's job to entertain or babysit you.

College responsibilities essay

college responsibilities essay


college responsibilities essaycollege responsibilities essaycollege responsibilities essaycollege responsibilities essay