Civil right movement 1960s essay

T oo many minority Americans are in prison, Obama repeatedly charged, pointing out that blacks and Hispanics, only 30 percent of the . population, account for half the prisoners. Missing from his “disparate-impact” account is the uncomfortable fact that black Americans commit murder at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. To take a similar example, black New Yorkers, 23 percent of the city’s population, commit two-thirds of its violent crimes. So cops hassle too many blacks, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio? That’s because Mayor Rudy Giuliani decided that minority New Yorkers deserve the fundamental civil right of being safe in their homes and streets, so cops would restore law and order to their neighborhoods. And as for black crime being a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow: while the black crime rate has been slightly higher than the white rate as far back as official records go, the explosion in black criminality began only around 1964. So simple chronology makes my explanation of ghetto social pathology more plausible than Obama’s.

Finally, President Johnson decided to send soldiers from the United States Army and the Alabama National Guard to protect the marchers. [93] From March 21 to March 25, the marchers walked along the " Jefferson Davis Highway" from Selma to Montgomery. [93] On March 25, 25,000 people entered Montgomery. [93] Martin Luther King gave a speech called "How Long? Not Long" at the Alabama State Capitol . He told the marchers that it would not be long before they had equal rights, "because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice ." [98]

Civil right movement 1960s essay

civil right movement 1960s essay


civil right movement 1960s essaycivil right movement 1960s essaycivil right movement 1960s essaycivil right movement 1960s essay