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I know there are some challenges in our school funding and we have to make do without some materials.
I know we all face some issues in our neighborhood with safety.
However, I know more than anything we are proud to be from Givens and are very proud to be graduating from our High School.

There are lessons for everyone in how Givens has brought us up, treated us, educated us and given us respect for ourselves, and each other. Thank you to the excellent teachers and caring staff.

For example, I expected to attend math class, perhaps not every day, and just put my time in till I could leave.
Was I wrong!

There I ran into the most polite little lady, Mrs Carr. I thought she would be soft and not keep discipline.
Was I wrong!

If ever there is a teacher who showed leadership, grit, determination, all done in a polite way, it is Mrs Carr.

She has pulled every imaginable trick to get us at first interested in Math, then good at it and now excellent graduates. Why would she care -- well she just does.
She proved we had a gift at Math, showed we could pass the tests and when we were going off track she came to our homes and brought us right back on track. All on a teacher's pay - staggering!

Everyone in the class has a similar story that shows how a gifted teacher can bring out the best in them in their best area of study. We believe in the teaching team.

From the teachers we have learned :-

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