Broken soup essay

Diagnosing acute pancreatitis can be difficult because the signs and symptoms of pancreatitis are similar to other medical conditions. The diagnosis is usually based upon a medical history, physical examination, and the results of diagnostic tests. Two of the following three are required to make a diagnosis: (1) typical abdominal pain; (2) threefold or more elevation of pancreatic enzyme values in the blood; and (3) inflammation of the gland on computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. The number and type of tests is tailored to the severity of acute pancreatitis and the most likely underlying causes. (See "Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of acute pancreatitis" .)

Dated as "Duck Soup" inevitably is in some respects, it has moments that seem startlingly modern, as when Groucho calls for help during the closing battle sequence, and the response is stock footage edited together out of newsreel shots of fire engines, elephants, motorcycles, you name it. There is an odd moment when Harpo shows Groucho a doghouse tattooed on his stomach, and in a special effect a real dog emerges and barks at him. The brothers broke the classical structure of movie comedy and glued it back again haphazardly, and nothing was ever the same.

As de Antonio's recollection may be inaccurate, Carey's version of events may, ultimately, be the most dependable . that it was Latow, not Ward who came up with the idea of painting money and that at the same time, she also suggested the soup can idea. The first time that the Latow version was published was in an essay by Calvin Tomkins, Raggedy Andy , in 1970. Tomkins does not credit the story to Carey but doesn't indicate where his information came from. Could it be that Carey was simply repeating a story he had read in Tomkins' account when Patrick Smith interviewed him (Carey) in 1978? Or had he given Tomkins the information in the first place? If Latow came up with the idea for the money paintings on the evening of 23 November - when Warhol wrote his cheque to her - why did he wait four months before he started working on the paintings? In Carey's version, Latow's main idea was the money idea not the soup can idea - the soup cans were added as an afterthought, yet Warhol went straight out and bought the cans of soup rather than beginning the money paintings in Carey's account.

Broken soup essay

broken soup essay


broken soup essaybroken soup essaybroken soup essaybroken soup essay