Berklee essay

The student majoring in electronic production and design will master the musical and creative use of electronic music production and sound design tools and technologies. Working in professional-level, -equipped studios, classroom/labs, and performance spaces, students will study electronic music composition and production, synthesizer programming, sound design techniques for all types of visual media, interactive performance systems, digital signal processing, alternate controllers, game audio design and implementation, software design, audio art and installation design, and more. 

Investigation of the vast array of processes that are suggested to underlie music-evoked emotions will surely continue to keep scientists busy in the future. Uncovering the ways in which music evokes emotion will provide revelations into why music has such power in influencing listeners, and shed light on the interplay between physiological, cognitive, social and cultural factors in music-evoked emotions. Understanding the connections between these functions would help us use music in an informed way, for example to help cognitive functioning and emotional wellbeing. Importantly, the science will give insight into how the emotional effects of music could be more systematically harnessed to develop clinical applications. 

Berklee essay

berklee essay


berklee essayberklee essayberklee essayberklee essay