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In recent years, the perceived need to legally assign sex is increasingly being challenged. [16] [38] A report for the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice states "Gender increasingly seems to be perceived as a ‘sensitive’ identity feature, but so far is not regarded, nor protected as such in privacy regulations". [16] Australian government guidelines state that "departments and agencies that collect sex and/or gender information must not collect information unless it is necessary for, or directly related to, one or more of the agency’s functions or activities" [39]

Amoeboid movement : In case of amoeboid movement, pseudopodia are involved rather than cilia or flagella. In this case, two cytoskeletal proteins called actin and myosin gets polymerized. This creates vacancy and hence cytoplasmic material flow to cover the vacancy that is created due to the polymerization reaction. When amoeba moves, cytoplasm moves to the arm like extension called pseudopodium. This pseudopodium than extends and enlarge and hence this propels the animal body towards that respective direction. Likewise, the movement continues with generation of new pseudopodia and the withdrawal of old pseudopodia takes place. Beside this, the contraction of the posterior side of protozoan body drives the endoplasmic portion forward thus extending its pseudopodium.

Assignment help forum

assignment help forum


assignment help forumassignment help forumassignment help forumassignment help forum